Fuzzy Fish, the software development company founded by Federico Rosemberg, Damian Girardi, Lucas Romagnoli, and Celina Parodi, celebrates its eighth anniversary on April 20. The company has established itself as a strong player in the software industry, with a team of talented developers located throughout the country.

Growth, Talent Development, and Client Satisfaction

From the beginning, Fuzzy Fish has focused on innovation and continuous talent development, which has allowed the company to grow at a steady pace. Over the past year, the company has experienced growth of over 80%, with an average turnover rate of 18.5%, 5% less than other companies in the region. Additionally, 100% of its developers have advanced English skills, a strong work history, and a continuous training program that allows them to stay up-to-date with new languages and emerging technologies in high demand internationally.

Fuzzy Fish has made a strong impact in industries such as Health Tech, Fintech, and E-commerce, with a client satisfaction rating of 5/5 points on the well-known international portal Clutch.

Leading the Way in Technology and Research

Innovation is a fundamental value at Fuzzy Fish, as demonstrated by its R&D team, which investigated and experimented with new technologies such as WebAssembly in 2022. This led to the technical leaders of the company participating as speakers in national-level talks such as Nerdearla and BeerJs, positioning the company as a technological reference.

This innovative spirit, combined with the entrepreneurial DNA of its founders, has led the company to collaborate with a team of prestigious scientists from Cordoba and Buenos Aires. They are currently co-creating a precision medicine platform in the area of bioinformatics, with two fundamental pillars: cutting-edge technological innovations for clinical genomics and a significant social impact, making precision medicine accessible to all.

National and International Commercial Strategy

Fuzzy Fish’s commercial strategy is heavily focused on innovation, continuous talent development, and a unique value proposition. With the aim of strengthening commercial relations with the US market, the company is a member of a well-known business chamber in Brooklyn. Recently, it was recognized as the first success story of international members joining this institution to facilitate strategic partnerships with US companies.

In the national market, Fuzzy Fish has large clients such as Mercado Libre, Promedon, Villanueva, Oxala, and Lavoris, where it has contributed to the digital transformation of internal and external processes. The company is part of the UIC, UIA, Cordoba Cluster Technology, and AmCham, which allows it to be close to the most important production centers in the country. Thanks to its trajectory and participation in these organizations, Fuzzy Fish provides its clients with improvements and benefits that include, among others, the possibility of accessing loans at a differential rate from the most important banks in the country, to boost digital development.

International Expansion

The company plans to expand its international markets this year by participating in major international events such as London Tech Week in London, South Summit in Madrid, eMerge Americas in Florida, and Select USA Summit in Maryland, USA. These initiatives, along with the annual commercial missions to New York City, are part of the company’s core strategy. With these efforts, the company aims to establish itself as a leader in digital transformation and continue to grow in an increasingly competitive and demanding market.

Final Thoughts

Fuzzy Fish has established itself as an innovative and successful company in the technology sector. Its focus on quality and creativity has led to the creation of unique solutions for its clients, and its people-centric culture has generated a positive and productive work environment. The company is constantly growing, with a team of highly skilled professionals and a clear vision for the future. With its innovative spirit and entrepreneurial DNA, Fuzzy Fish is poised to continue leading the way in digital transformation and expansion into new markets.

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