Finding a job that makes us happy is not easy. It is one of the most significant difficulties we go through in the professional world. At FuzzyFish, we know that happiness in the workplace is the key to success because a happy worker will be a productive worker.

As a company, we always think about the well-being of our employees. Thus, we are not just talking about a good work environment. We also understand that growth opportunities are the success secret.

This translates into the services we offer, the satisfied customer, and the quality of our brand; it all starts at home. Therefore, you must also take care of your workers to be successful. In the end, they are the corporate representation of your image.

Especially when it comes to developers, we know that what is valuable is the person behind the result. In addition, the skills we have hired and the value they add. For all this, offering them happiness at work will allow them to stay with us, and we can grow together.

The definition of happiness in the workplace

Happiness in the workplace means our employees’ well-being and directly relates to how our workers feel. The level of excellence of a company can be measured in sales, but there is much more behind them.

Happiness at work includes the achievement of essential goals for our corporate purposes to be achieved. For example, a happy developer will be punctual and motivated by challenges so that our developers will fulfill more optimally the responsibilities we assign to him.

This term is relatively new and has become very relevant. The reason is that we have verified that a company with job happiness has better sales and performance in the market.

What factors influence happiness in the workplace?

If we want to improve our employees’ happiness, the first thing we must be clear about is that not everything is about salary. If we keep high and strict demands, even if the salary is good, we will have stressed and unhappy employees.

So, what can we do? Be flexible. Not everything has to be done according to a strict pattern but still, developers have to deliver their projects on time. At FuzzyFish, we recommend that you remember that your employees are also people. So it is better to be clear on deadlines.

Being aware of this will help us be part of their work-life balance and help them achieve their goals. Also, knowing their interests will be essential to keep them motivated. Between the routine of work, a work environment that feels empathetic and safe will add happiness.

How to measure the happiness of developers

A great way to measure the workplace happiness of our coding specialists is to pay attention to their performance. If it is low, something may be going on, and we may need to pay attention to their surroundings to help them.

When we hire, we must be aware of their personality characteristics. The key will be communicating, getting to know them, and maintaining that line of contact regularly.

In FuzzyFish, we have one-on-one interview spaces between the developers and people in charge of People care. This allows us to know our collaborators’ motivations and needs to serve them best. This is how we focus on the happiness in the workplace that we seek to achieve.

Strategies to increase the happiness of developers

From our commitment to increasing happiness in the workplace, we carry out a benefit policy centered on people’s experiences. In this way, we have actions and benefits focusing on the quality of life for our developers.

Another strategy we can apply is to offer them training and courses on topics that interest them, helping them continue learning and improving. Accepting and developing their ideas will also be essential to having a happy developer in the company. In FuzzyFish people come first. That is the reason why we invest in high-end and premium training courses.

Also, showing them the result of their work is an excellent strategy to increase their happiness and motivation. Developers often don’t see all their code accomplishes, so making it part of the final product will make a significant difference.

Please encourage them to take time off when they need it

Especially in this kind of work we don’t need to have them on total working hours, although it is often difficult to get them off the computer. At FuzzyFish, we propose 100% remote work to motivate your personal life.

We’ve debunked the myth that our employees need to be in the office for happiness in the workplace. Work is not a place; it results from the effort and time our developers have invested in the company.

Give them plenty of breaks to avoid burnout

By spending so many hours in front of a screen, the exhaustion of our developers is our worst enemy. We recommend establishing rest times or alternative activities that help to rest for short periods. We look for quality more than speed.

Having more complete measurement strategies such as pulse surveys will be our allies. These surveys constantly measure well-being, work environment, quality of software offered, and others essential to make constant improvements that increase happiness in the workplace.

Final thoughts

It’s essential to remember that happy employees are more productive. When developers feel comfortable and appreciated in their work environment, they will be more likely to produce high-quality work. Implementing the abovementioned strategies can help create a workplace conducive to happiness and success.

At FuzzyFish, we believe that happy employees are more productive employees. Therefore, we strongly emphasize creating a work environment that is conducive to happiness and success. By offering flexible schedules, 100% remote work options, and plenty of opportunities for breaks and training, we strive to create an atmosphere where our coding specialists can thrive.
We also use pulse surveys to constantly measure well-being, work environment, quality of software offered, and other factors essential to constantly improving. Our goal is to provide a workplace where our coding specialists can be happy and prosperous.

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