JavaScript application building has come a long way and is one of the most popular programming languages. In significant part, its popularity is because this program has improved and evolved as time passes in an accelerated manner.

However, throughout its history, JavaScript also had many problems and bugs. Whether in the code bases, projects with years of development, or their large-scale applications, their scalability is unstable.

And that’s how TypeScript emerged as a solution to many problems with JavaScript. An option that offers a higher level of scalability, and more robust and reliable applications, becoming the best option for developing Javascript applications.

Benefits of using TypeScript to develop JavaScript applications

The JavaScript applications that have been developed using TypeScript bring a series of improvements or benefits. TypeScript is very different from other similar languages (typewritten), which is completely oriented to applications.

The new concepts make it possible for ideas to be expressed more concisely and precisely. Thanks to this, the creation of unique and modern applications is more secure and scalable, with the bonus that they are developed faster.

Having said all of the above, we can say that TypeScript is a superset of another program, which makes the functionality of javascript more extensive. Adding a lot of new features, like being able to improve generic or static typing, makes a fundamental difference.

If we mention some specific benefits, then we can name the following:

  • It seeks to write a language that is much easier to maintain, making it a clearer and cleaner language.
  • The code structure for objects is more straightforward and requires no knowledge.
  • TypeScript is innovative and offers testability and change, but it always focuses on the best direction.

JavaScript applications that implement TypeScript offer businesses a great way to grow. The quality of being able to develop or execute many projects with large amounts of code is undoubtedly very striking, primarily if the best result is obtained.

How do you start using TypeScript?

Don’t worry. If you know how to use JavaScript, you will find it a very easy-to-use type once you get used to it. This is because the syntax of both is very similar. You can even rename “.js” files to “.ts” to get you started.

But of course, the first thing that you need to do is install TypeScript, which is not anything complicated. When executing the corresponding terminal, it will also execute the command “npm install -g typescript” to install it correctly.

To check that there were no problems with the installation, run the command “tsc -v” in the terminal. If there is no problem, you should be able to see what version of typescript was installed in the terminal.

Compile Typescript to JavaScript

By the time you’ve written a TS code to some file, “ts” should know that browsers won’t be able to execute them independently. We want to tell you that you will have to compile the TypeScript files so browsers can execute them.

With an IDE, you’ll be able to compile JavaScript code inside of it, and the processes depend on what you’re using. In any case, the most important thing is to configure correctly and the correct selection of the options to compile.

Although what we recommend if you are starting is that you use the same terminal to perform this task. With the correct commands and always being aware of the files you want to compile, everything will be faster than you think.

What features does TypeScript have that makes it more scalable and robust than standard JavaScript codebases?

Taking all of the above into account, perhaps it’s best if we tell you what are the main features that make TypeScript an incredible option. In this way, we also reinforce the idea that it is a good idea to learn to code JavaScript applications together.

In addition to being characterized by facilitating work and solving the scalability problem that JavaScript has, we can highlight the following characteristics:

  • The static typing feature takes precedence over dynamic JavaScript typing. By itself, this quality reduces the margin of error and makes the code much more maintainable.
  • JavaScript is not the best fit for large-scale programs, and in fact, it was not developed for that. TypeScript fills in these gaps, providing JavaScript with all the necessary resources to make it scalable.
  • As we already mentioned, you can take advantage of all these features and the creation of codes without expecting problems with browsers.

Undoubtedly, this language dramatically improves the creation of JavaScript applications.

Possible inconveniences in the use of TypeScript in your project?

As for this point, we at Fuzzy Fish can say there will be no problem with using TypeScript in your project. It is essential to mention that its use can help to maintain and improve medium and large projects. And if we add the large number of benefits that its use brings, there is no reason to doubt.

Typescript can help in developing a minimum viable product in a more accesible, scalable and quick way. In Typescript, the strongly typed feature takes precedence over dynamic JavaScript typing. By itself, this quality reduces the margin of error and makes the code much more maintainable.

Final thoughts

If you are interested and want to know more about these programming languages or want to grow your company through them, at Fuzzy Fish, we can help you. We are a genuine, expert, innovative and professional company in using IT in a beneficial way for your business.

A Software factory in which we specialize in the most advanced technologies JavaScript +; a company in which we can help you manage your team to agile your projects.

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