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Extended Teams

Outsource top talent ready to fully blend with your team and boost your project. < Outsourcing and Staff Augmentation )

Delivery Teams

Experienced and autonomous tech teams providing valuable IT solutions delivered  rapidly and efficiently to meet your goals

Why FuzzyFish?

Skills up

To keep pace with digital transformation, your company need resources with skilled developers. FuzzyFish is able to bring in much-needed specialized expertise at a lower cost than what’s available on the domestic market.

Cost convenience

The number of software developers and the specific skills you needed varies significantly as initiatives kick off or scale-up. Using our team helps manage fluctuating demand without fluctuating your outcomes. USD 35 to USD 45 hs developers.

Long term teams

With technology continuing to drive digital change across all industries, there is no end in sight to the chronic tech talent shortage. The number of unfilled software development jobs in the US is estimated at more than 900,000 and expected to reach 1.2 million within the next five years.


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Software Architecture & Engineering that your company needs.