One of the issues that have had the highest impact on the business landscape is digital transformation. After all, technological advancement has made it necessary to have a higher presence in digital domains. It is for the operational process and the promotion of the company.

Now, did you know what agility is in the digital process? Even knowing the meaning, there is much more to comment on it. It is one of the keys to helping you make the most of this process for future work

What is agility, and why do organizations need it for digital transformation success?

In the digital transformation landscape, agility is the inclusion of digital development at the right time. That is, a company can produce transformation-oriented equipment at a rate that benefits the company. This is to meet the needs of a client on time.

In other words, agility, in theory, is related to the company’s ability to react. After all, it is crucial to serving customer requests in the shortest possible time. Thanks to an agile foundation, the company can better respond to and solve problems quickly. 

How can you foster a culture of agility in your organization?

Before talking about digital agility, it is essential to talk about the company’s culture. After all, a team executes digital jobs that must demonstrate agility in their day-to-day management. Some options to promote this organizational culture are the following:

  • Cooperative work in which each team member plays an important role. It encourages problem-solving by taking advantage of each person’s abilities.
  • Trials that lead to sound decision-making should be tolerated.
  • There must also be a culture of empowerment in the work team. A boss or project leader cannot control everything and needs to delegate tasks. It is much more agile when it comes to fulfilling a business process.
  • The process must be worked with short, efficient cycles to know what can be improved. After all, it will be easier to spot bugs that can be fixed.

And, of course, incorporating technology becomes essential when talking about agility in digital work. Serving a client implies having all the tools to make the process as agile as possible. However, it all starts with the company culture itself. 

¿What are some critical components of an agile framework?

Of course, an agile framework cannot be proposed in digital transformation if the necessary elements are unavailable. In any company, these are fundamental to moving to digital operation. Among these elements, we can highlight the following:

  • Individuals having priority over any operation or tool. It is the individuals who can use their creativity to innovate and seek solutions to problems. In addition, the interactions between them lead to faster responses.
  • Software replaces the heavy load of documents that hinder the operational process. Technology allows us to face any challenge that arises in the business environment. In addition, the software can constantly improve, although interaction with individuals is key to this.
  • Adaptability is also being one of the purposes of agility in digital transformation. Although developers may work in organized plans, contingencies will always arise. Therefore, it is essential to know how to adapt to the problem.
  • Collaboration appears as a critical element for agility in digital work. If all the members of a team row towards the same place, it will be easier to reach the objective.

Agility encompasses many vital elements but these four stands out the most. From them, it will be easier to achieve objectives in terms of customer demands. 

Are there challenges or obstacles to achieving agility?

Indeed, some obstacles can stop the whole topic of agility in digital transformation. After all, the presence of a challenge will always be frequent in companies’ operations. The most common are the following:

  • Inadequate management of resources, producing an unnecessary addition of these.
  • Stagnant mentality in a specific work process or mechanism, without seeking to improve.
  • Organization and rigid plans that do not give rise to imagination and developing of new ideas.
  • Believing that only technology is a crucial element for agile work.
  • Low incentives that lead workers to improve.

Many obstacles can lead a company to fail in any future work with agility. It makes it necessary for developers to bet on new work strategies. 

How can you measure the success of your agile transformation?

Since you are applying digital transformation in your company, you will want to measure its progress. After all, it is what will make you know if it is an agile and beneficial process. Some indices are as follows:

  • Reduction of costs in the different operational processes of the company
  • Customer satisfaction with the service they have received
  • Incorporation of workers in the digital transformation process
  • Adherence of the agile transformation to the objectives and strategies of the company

Final thoughts

Of course, many more indicators help you determine the efficiency of digital transformation. It is essential to have an agency like FuzzyFish manage the entire digitization process.Don’t you know what FuzzyFish’s services are? We are the solution to achieve an agile transformation appropriate to the new times. Enter our website to discover everything we have to offer you.

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